Campus Corso - Trade 'n learn

Campus Corso (also referred to as ‘Trade 'n learn’) is a learning and entrepreneurial place for entrepreneurial young people, supported by education and trade actors in the city of Leuven. This community and entrepreneurial learning centre provides space for encounters, exchange of knowledge and good practices and start-up entrepreneurship.


Campus Corso is a multidisciplinary space open to pupils, students, teachers, tutors and entrepreneurs who can work here on (international) cross-curricular projects in which creativity, daring, entrepreneurial spirit and entrepreneurship come together.


Campus Corso creates a context for idea development and interaction between education and entrepreneurship and offers a stage for elaboration and implementation.


Campus Corso is a house for entrepreneurship with a focus on pedagogical-didactic pathways at the interface between formal and informal learning. New forms of education and encounters connecting practice and education find a place there.


Campus Corso is at home in the former Corso party and dance hall in Diestsestraat in Leuven, a monument and historical heritage, both architectural and social. In the coming years, this meeting place in the heart of the city will be given a new, vibrant interpretation with meeting, education and entrepreneurship as leitmotifs.


Campus Corso aims to develop into a new social and educational player, in dialogue with the neighbourhood and the wider urban fabric, and to contribute to a stronger link between educational institutions, businesses, public authorities and citizens.